Guide on How to Clean Your Commercial Floor Mats

Guide on How to Clean Your Commercial Floor Mats

Business owners install industrial or commercial floor mats to improve safety and guarantee floor protection. Commercial floor matting can be expensive, depending on the quality and size of the needed mats, but the advantages are well worth it. Commercial floor mats typically have unique characteristics that improve their usability and sturdiness. For instance, the majority of commercial floor mats are non-slip. Almost every commercial floor mat is non-slip, whether entrance mats, interior mats, or even logo mats. This feature is crucial since it guards against workplace slip and fall incidents.

The majority of business floor mats are also fatigue-resistant. In other words, most of these mats provide ergonomic comfort in the workplace, particularly where employees must stand for extended periods.

Here is our guide on how to properly clean and maintain your floor mats:

Routine vacuuming

To get rid of any dust and grime that may be on the surface of your industrial floor mats, hoover them frequently. Regular vacuuming is necessary since business floor mats endure a lot of foot activity. Even better, hoover your commercial floor mats thrice daily, especially if it’s raining.

Clean the mats

You can hose off the industrial floor mats for a complete clean-up. Your industrial floor mats can be taken outside, where you can easily rinse and remove them. When floor mats are hosed down with high-pressure water, they clean up effectively.

Use water and soap

After a long run, wash your commercial floor mats with water and soap. This means that you should periodically remove all of your industrial floor mats for a complete wash, perhaps every week or every two weeks. Your industrial floor mats can be thoroughly cleaned with soap and water to eliminate all dirt and debris. During the rainy season, you should use soap and water to clean your industrial floor mats more frequently.

Stubborn stains can be removed using a neutral cleaner

While vacuuming or hosing, you can discover certain marks on your industrial floor mats. Some of these colors are difficult to remove and may even resist soap and water.

After cleaning, thoroughly dry the mat.

After cleaning, the mat should always be stretched out flat to dry. The floor mat should never be folded; instead, leave it flat to dry after cleaning. Before reinstalling the commercial floor mat, make sure it is scorched.

Clean the mat and the area around it on the floor.

Make sure to clean the surface underneath and around the mat before replacing it in its original location. Clean the area of the floor where the clean floor mat will be installed of all dirt and debris.

Keeping your floor maintained all year round is hard work, but it will prove how much you care about your business appearance. Mats That Matter can provide you with the highest quality mats that will instantly capture your attention as soon as you step into or approach the building. Contact us for a free consultation on how we can design yours.

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