A Professional Image

Let's face it. Looks really do matter.

Study after study shows appearance, particularly cleanliness, is a top factor in where consumers choose to shop, dine and do business. And a clean, welcoming place of business makes employees feel more valued, boosting morale and productivity.


So don’t let a shabby entryway with worn mats, or floors with visible dirt or water, detract from the impression you make on customers and employees. Instead, greet them with commercially laundered and maintained mats that always look brand new, thanks to our cost-effective Clean Exchange Service, which safely stops dirt at your door for a clean, professional appearance.


The unique FORTRESS® Floor Protection System from Mats That Matter® visibly improves the cleanliness of your business. A system of high-quality mats, strategically placed to offer layers of protection from dirt, grit and water, will reduce the wear and tear on carpeted and hard floor surfaces, extending their life and greatly reducing the time and money spent on maintenance.


Shoppers who select a store based on appearance


Consumers who look at floors to judge cleanliness


Dirt in building that is tracked in from outside