The Difference

Mats That Matter® programs feature three major differences to safely stop dirt at the door.

The Best Floor Mats Available

Research shows that 80% of all dirt, grit and water comes in through your entryways, making entrance mats your first line of defense. Truly effective mats safely stop, hold and hide the tracked-in dirt, grit and water that enters on shoe soles. Purchased mats, in efforts to keep their prices low, are much less effective.

Regular Deep Cleaning

Vacuuming has been shown to remove only the topmost layer of soil and moisture, typically no more than 10 percent. Mats That Matter deep cleans its floor mats in huge industrial washers that dig deep down and extract dirt and grit with strong chemical action and tremendous mechanical force. This deep clean is impossible to replicate on-site at a customer’s facility.

Clean Exchange

Mats That Matter and each customer build a clean exchange schedule to match the demands of each business. Soiled mats are picked up and replaced with fresh deep cleaned mats to keep the facility clean and safe. Customers can easily change the clean exchange frequency to suit variations in foot traffic and seasons.

In addition to a cleaner, more professional and safer workplace, stopping dirt, grit and water at the door results in lower facility maintenance costs and an increased lifespan of flooring and carpeting.