High-Quality Mats

Our mats are carefully designed to Stop, Hold and Hide tracked-in soil, water and grit. Their high twist, heat set nylon fibers effectively remove soil, water and grit from the soles of shoes. The fibers then move the dirt and water down to the mat base, to prevent it from spreading further into your building.


Store-bought mats feature non-heat set carpet fibers which crush flat. And once soil is deposited on the mats, it can easily reattach to the next person’s soles and be tracked further into the building. Also, vinyl backing is common, which can curl and create a tripping hazard. And lighter weight means less stability.


MTM mats all feature a slip-resistant nitrile rubber backing that provides traction for the mat on the floor, ensuring stability. Each mat stops, holds and hides up to 2 lbs of soil and grit, and up to a gallon of water. And it has been reported that removing just one pound of dirt in a commercial building can cost up to hundreds of dollars.


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Unique “corkscrew” fibers push soil and grit downward, and prevent the debris from reattaching to another shoe.