Mat Types

Commercial Floor Mats Stop Dirt Before It Reaches Your Floor

Our mats are carefully designed to Stop, Hold and Hide tracked-in soil, water and grit. Their high twist, heat set nylon fibers effectively remove grime from the soles of shoes, trapping them in the mat base, preventing particles from spreading further into your building. Each mat can stop up to 2 lbs of soil and grit, and up to a gallon of water: All the more important when you consider that it can cost over $600 to remove a pound of dirt from a building. Our products also feature a slip-resistant nitrile rubber backing that provides traction, ensuring stability for enhanced safety.


Mats That Matter® will bring you professionally cleaned mats on a regular schedule to ensure that your building stays safer and cleaner, while presenting a more attractive and professional image.

Entrance Mats

Entrance mats are the initial defense against tracking in dirt and moisture. Our heat-twisted 100% nylon pile is static-dissipative, pulls dirt to the bottom of the mat and soaks up to one gallon of water.

Scraper Mats

Designed with tough, skid resistant raised rubber cleats that scour shoes with every step. Collects moisture and heavy dirt, sand, gravel and mud in its deep recesses to prevent it from being tracked in.

Walk-Off Mats

Walk-off mats provide an essential third layer of protection inside your entry doors. These mats are designed to catch any residual dirt and moisture, so that your floors start clean, dry, and safe.

Interior Mats

Interior mats can be used as runners in hallways or reception areas, or as decorative protection with the look of an expensive area rug in restaurants, hotels, banks, or other professional facilities.

FORTRESS® Protection System

Get the best in dirt-blocking performance! A series of high-performance mats work together for maximum efficiency, protecting your floors from dust, grime and moisture as they stop dirt at the door.

Custom Logo Mats

Our custom mats display your company logo or special message in vibrant colors on high-quality long, lasting mats, featuring slip-resistant backing and our StainStopper technology.

Commercial Kitchen Mats

Prevent slip and falls with 100% nitrile rubber for superior grease and oil resistance. Anti-microbial agent guards against degradation from microorganisms, protecting against the build up of kitchen odors. Anti-static properties also allow for use around sensitive electronic equipment.

Anti-Fatigue Mats

Durable, closed-cell nitrile foam rubber resists grease, oil and chemicals, with bevel edges for easier floor to mat transition. Textured surface offers superior slip and skid resistance, while anti-microbial treatment reduces odors by inhibiting the growth of bacteria.

plush mat
Plush Mats

Plush indoor mats weigh 50% more than competitive products, trapping dust and 50% more moisture. Solution dyed, 36 oz. per square yard, for rich, lasting color. Tough 90 mil rubber backing is fully launderable.

NOTE: These mats are certified by the NFSI for safety. The National Floor Safety Institute (NFSI) is a nonprofit organization that authored the standards for slip and fall prevention by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI. Through education, research and independent product testing, the certification of these mats is the assurance that the products have been clinically tested to meet the highest of performance standards. These mats also meet the requirements of the American Disabilities Act of 1992 for stability, slip resistance and changes in level.