We carry a full line of commercial floor mats including interior walk-off, anti-fatigue and logo mats. Every one of our products is carefully designed to Stop, Hold and Hide tracked-in soil, water and grit. The high twist, heat set nylon fibers effectively remove grime from the soles of shoes, trapping soil, water and grit and preventing particles from spreading further into your building. Our mats are also static dissipative with StainStopper™ technology, protecting sensitive equipment and explosive chemicals by drawing away the static electricity that people generate as they move around.


Each of our mats can stop up to 2 lbs of soil and grit, and up to a gallon of water: All the more important when you consider that it can cost over $600 to remove a pound of dirt from a building. Mats That Matter® products also feature a slip-resistant nitrile rubber backing that provides traction, ensuring stability for enhanced safety.


  • One dollar spent keeping soil out of a building will save 10 dollars in removing that soil once it is inside the building.
  • Up to 24 pounds of dirt can be tracked in by just 1,000 people coming through an entrance over a 20-day work period.
  • It is estimated that only about ten percent of the accumulated dirt is removed from floor mats by using a vacuum cleaner.

Sources: Cleaning & Maintenance Management, International Sanitary Supply Association, Georgia State University