Clean Mat Exchange

Research shows that 80% of all dirt, grime, and moisture comes in through your entryways, making entrance mats your first line of defense against contaminants. However, purchasing and maintaining high-quality commercial floor mats in-house can be expensive, time consuming and ineffective, as normal vacuuming leaves as much as 90% of the dirt trapped in commercial mats, and less-expensive store bought mats aren’t designed to trap dirt in the first place.

This is why smart businesses are making the switch to a floor protection program. Your Mats That Matter® process starts with a consultation to determine the best combination of floor mats and rotation schedule to safely stop dirt at your door. We analyze tracking patterns, soil types and special conditions at your facility to determine the optimum type, size and positioning of mats, creating a FORTRESS® System to protect your floors. At any time, you can adjust your mat quantity, style and cleaning frequency for ongoing control of costs and flexibility.

Customers and employees will appreciate being greeted with freshly laundered mats, cleaned to the roots of the fiber to eliminate 100% of dirt.


  • Enhances customer and employee experience
  • Maintains a clean, professional appearance
  • Makes the workplace healthier and safer
  • Reduces wear and tear on flooring
  • Saves time and money spent on cleaning
mats in lobby

Our mats go beyond store-bought mats, with a heavy-duty nitrile rubber backing for safety and performance…far more effective than vinyl-backed disposable mats that can ripple, crack, peel and split. All Mats That Matter products are National Floor Safety Institute certified, and meet American Disabilities Act (ADA) guidelines.

On-site vacuuming removes only the top layer of soil & grit, so the mat again fills quickly and the floor damage process begins again.

Do-it-yourself cleaning requires heavy and repeated soaping, scrubbing, high pressure hosing and machine drying, which no business is equipped to do.

To stay effective, floor mats need effective truly deep cleaning. This requires the strongest mechanical action of industrial-size washers to dig down and truly deep-clean the mats.