Slip & Fall Prevention


Having the proper floor mats for your business is the first line of defense against costly slip and fall accidents. All it takes is a little bit of tracked in snow, rain or grit for your floors to become a hazard that can lead to injury, lost work and lawsuits. Tensions may rise, time is wasted, expenses are incurred and your business suffers.


With NFSI certification and a 100% nitrile backing keeping them flat on any surface and making them resistant to oils, fuel and other chemicals, our mats greatly reduce the risk of slip and fall accidents. Additionally, should one occur, having a FORTRESS® Floor Protection System in place demonstrates good faith efforts to make your building as safe as possible.


This system relies on a series of special mats configured to provide optimum protection for your building and the people in it.  The mats’ scrubbing action and water retention capacity are unsurpassed in stopping water from moving onto your floor, and regular deep cleaning and clean exchange ensure that they will always be at top efficiency.


of worker injuries are slip-related.

$70 Billion

The annual cost of compensation & medical expenses related to slip & fall injuries.

11 Days

The average amount of worker time lost from a slip & fall accident.