Custom Graphics

Mats that reinforce your brand

For our clean mat exchange service customers, we offer endless customization, allowing you to reinforce your brand with images, logos and written messages to communicate with customers and employees.  Custom graphics are printed on our high-quality, nitrile-backed floor mats and are available through our mat rental program for a continuous clean and top efficiency. With 25 standard colors and over 300 accent colors available, and the ability to reproduce fine detail, fades and 3D images, Mats That Matter® can deliver a one-of-a-kind look for your business.

Our clean mat exchange service ensures that your logo mats are properly maintained. Bright, colorful logo and graphic mats will reinforce your brand and can build sales. With Mats That Matter, your reception area or showroom will become truly memorable.

Why Choose Custom Graphics Mats?

  • Personalized Branding: Customize your mats with your logo, phrase, or company colors to leave a memorable impression on customers and guests. Having custom graphics mats made is an excellent low-key method to show off your brand’s individuality.
  • Enhanced Aesthetics: Personalized mats with striking patterns, bright colors, or exciting photographs may transform any room into a showpiece. Our graphics mats will add style and flair, whether it’s a house, business, or event space.
  • Promotional Opportunities: Promote your business’s wares and deals with personalized graphics mats. Branded mats are a great way to get people interested in your event or marketing effort.
  • Durability and Functionality: Our graphics mats are not only eye-catching but can endure constant foot activity without deteriorating. Thanks to their long lifespan, no-slip design, and low maintenance requirements, they are great for indoor and outdoor use.
  • Versatility: Custom graphics mats may be designed to suit various places and uses, from entrances and reception areas to trade show booths and exhibition spaces. We can meet your needs whether you need one mat or a considerable amount for several locations.

Our Process

  • Consultation: To begin, we will conduct an initial consultation to learn about your requirements, branding standards, and design preferences. While conceptualizing the ideal images for your mats, our staff collaborates directly with you.
  • Design Customization: After we have comprehensively comprehended your needs, our skilled designers will bring your vision to life via design customization. A wide variety of customization choices are available to you, such as incorporating your brand, color matching, and graphic positioning.
  • Proofing and Approval: Before we begin production, we will present you with digital proofs of the designs offered for you to study and permit you to do so. We would appreciate any comments or adjustments to ensure that the finished product lives up to your standards.
  • Production and Quality Control: We manufacture your custom graphics mats with accuracy and attention to detail, using cutting-edge printing technology and premium materials. Our quality control measures ensure that the mats are of the highest possible standard. The stringent quality control procedure that we have in place guarantees that every mat will be up to our high standards before it is sent.
  • Delivery and Installation: After we complete the production of your personalized graphics mats, we will take care of the logistics involved in delivering and installing them. You may place a single or bulk order with us, and we guarantee that it is delivered on time and installed without any problems at the location of your choice.

Get Started Today!

Using custom graphics mats that reflect your unique style and brand identity, you can completely transform your area. Please contact us as soon as possible to arrange a consultation and bring your ideas to life!

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