Industrial Floor Mats Guide

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Industrial Floor Mats Guide

Research shows that more than 80% of a facility’s dirt, debris, and moisture comes from shoes.

Without appropriate entrance matting, all the dust and dirt will impact the quality and aesthetic of your business. It can create a harmful environment and increase costs since every pound of dirt costs $600 to remove.

But the good news is you can reduce costs and enhance the safety and appearance of your business with the ideal floor mats! Below we’ve created a comprehensive guide to industrial floor matting and ways to select it:

Selecting and Placing Industrial Floor Mats

Choosing the perfect industrial floor mat starts with understanding the location and surface that requires covering. In addition, you must identify the matting application, whether to track oil and dirt or combat moisture.

Installing the right industrial floor mat in the perfect location can protect the flooring, integrity, and (most importantly) the people in your building.

What are the Different Types of Industrial Floor Mats?

There’s no one-size-fits-all industrial floor matting solution. Instead, you’ll have to select the ideal one based on the mat’s qualities and your goals.

Here’s a look into the various industrial floor mats:

Anti-Fatigue Mats

These innovative floor mats comprise springs to reduce the fatigue and exhaustion workers experience because of hours of standing.

Bath and Shower Mats

Bath or shower mats aid in creating a hygienic and clean environment by absorbing the water in industrial baths and restrooms.

Chair Mats

Industries with well-built offices may include chair mats to prevent office chairs from moving. Most facilities install this revolutionary over carpeting to eliminate dust and dirt.

Drainage Mats

These state-of-the-art mats collect and remove mud and water from the employee’s boots to ensure workplace cleanliness. Most drainage mats have an air-dry or drains feature.

Entrance Mats

These beautiful and practical mats are perfect for buildings that experience heavy traffic from workers and customers. Many businesses use entrance mats to add beauty to their organization.


Runners are unique mats designed for walkways. These innovative mats ensure hygiene and comfort in lengthy halls.

Scraper Mats

These mats remove contamination, mud, snow, dirt, and dust from the employees entering an industrial building.

Stair Treads

Stair mats are ideal for application on top of stairs. These conform to the worker’s shoes to ensure comfort and safety.

Time to Invest in Industrial Floor Mats?

Industrial floor mats allow your business to improve the building’s safety, hygiene, and beauty. It’s also an excellent way to enhance comfort and productivity!

So, now that you’ve learned the different types of floor matting, talk to our experts at Mats That Matter to help you find the best industrial floor mats for your business.

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