Where Should You Place Your Floor Mats in a Hospital

Green Entrance Mats in the Hospital

Where Should You Place Your Floor Mats in a Hospital

Floor mats play a pivotal role in keeping a facility clean. A large amount of outdoor debris and dirt enter properties on the bottoms of people’s feet. For hospitals and healthcare facilities, there is an increased worry about dirt and other outdoor debris for two reasons. First and foremost, hospitals and healthcare facilities are very high-traffic. People are constantly coming in and going out. Second, there is a larger concern about how outdoor debris, especially allergens like pollen, can impact the health and well-being of patients. For these reasons, it is smart for hospitals and healthcare facilities to invest in entrance mats. Entrance mats can make sure that pollen, dirt, pet dander, and similar materials do not permeate a healthcare facility. 

Place Floor Mats At the Entrances of Your Facility

The most obvious and effective place to put floor mats is near the entrances of your facility. Entryway floor mats can immediately trap dirt and debris as someone steps into your property. This can help prevent mud and other dirt from getting further into the building. For most people, entryway floor mats are also an opportunity to wipe their feet if they are aware of anything they stepped in. 

Place Floor Mats in Visitor Areas and Front Desks

Floor mats can also help separate sections of your hospital or healthcare facility. Before a visitor or patient enters the medical wing of the property, they will likely be in a waiting room or in areas of the facility where patients can interact with guests. Placing floor mats between these areas and the rest of the hospital can help prevent dirt and debris from getting tracked deeper into your medical facility. 

Floor Mats Can Be Placed in Kitchens & Laundry Rooms

If your hospital has a kitchen or a laundry room, you should consider floor mats in these areas as well. Lint and dust are frequently common around laundry rooms, and kitchens are also known for grease and other messes. Floor mats between these rooms and the rest of the hospital can prevent these materials from spreading throughout the hospital. 

Purchase Floor Mats From Mats That Matter

Floor mats are a great way to ensure that your healthcare facility is clean and well-kept. They can decrease the number of bacteria and other debris that spread around your hospital, which can help keep your facility clean. Floor mats should be placed strategically throughout any property to catch materials on the bottoms of patients’, staff’s, and visitors’ shoes as they move throughout the property. If you are interested in floor mats for your property, contact Mats That Matter for more information about our mats. 

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