How to Choose the Right Entrance Mat for Your Business

How to Choose the Right Entrance Mat for Your Business

Choosing the right entrance mat for your business is more important than you think. The mat is one of the first things clients and visitors see when entering an office. It plays a vital role in cleanliness, keeping visitors safe upon entry, and so much more. Here is how you can choose the right entrance mat for your business.

The Climate

The climate of your office location will play a massive part in determining what entrance mat is right for your business. If your company is in a region with heavy snow during winter, you will want to get a weather-proof mat. If you live in a rainy location, you will enjoy a mat with a good grip on wet surfaces. You can narrow down many choices by determining your region’s climate before proceeding with designs and sizes.

Foot Traffic

Consider your mat based on the amount of foot traffic you get daily. If you have an office accommodating employees, you may want something less extreme than those who service thousands of visitors a day. If you have heavy foot traffic daily, consider purchasing a heavy-duty mat that is highly durable. That way, it will last a long while, keeping the visitors safe every time they come through.

The Size

One of the most common mistakes is getting a doormat that needs to be bigger for the entryway. An entrance mat that is too small can leave slippery areas. Make sure to measure your entryway perfectly before deciding what mat to get. Oversized mats can also be an issue, as they can block the door from opening and closing.

Low Maintenance Costs

You will want to ensure your mat has low maintenance costs, so it’s not something you constantly replace. Many businesses with high foot traffic recommend durable aluminum entrance mats. They are known to be low-maintenance and require little care. They are popular in companies with many visitors, such as airports, hospitals, etc.

Wheelchair Accessibility

Determine if this is your only entrance or if you have a separate entrance for wheelchairs. If the entrance mat is for both foot traffic and wheelchair accessibility, you will want to make sure it can handle both. Wheelchairs must be able to go over the mat easily without it being too thick or uneven.

We can assist you in choosing the best entrance mat for your business. At Mats That Matter, we can customize the best entrance mats while considering the above factors. Whether you need a mat for heavy foot traffic or durability, we are here to help you decide. Contact us for a free mat consultation.

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