How to Safeguard Your Floors With Entry Mats for Winter

Entry Floor Mats Outside of Building

How to Safeguard Your Floors With Entry Mats for Winter

Winter brings lots of cold, wet weather that can turn your floors into a disaster zone. No matter how much you sweep, mop, and vacuum, it seems like the slushy, salty remnants will always turn back up. Entry mats are one of the best ways you can safeguard your floors against winter weather, but it’s not as simple as buying the first mat you see and laying it by the door. 

Choosing the Right Entry Mat Material

There are two main types of entry mats you can use, and they work best when paired together. First, place a scraper mat outside of your door or in the interior vestibule before the main entrance if you have one. Scraper mats are designed to remove bigger particles from the tread of your shoes. Things like salt, ice, and snow chunks.

Next, place a wiper mat directly inside your entryway before the main flooring begins. A wiper mat is made of tough, absorbent fabrics. This fabric removes dirt and moisture that remains on your shoes after the scraper mat. Most wiper mats have a rubber back, preventing the moisture from soaking through to the floor underneath. 

Additional Entry Mat Features

Entry mats can have added features like traction backing to keep the mat in place and a rubber border to prevent water from running off the mat as snow or ice from your shoes starts to melt. These added mat features can cause a slightly higher price tag, but it’s worth every penny! Think of it this way: a nice, reliable entry mat is a whole lot cheaper than new flooring. 

Where Should You Place an Entry Mat?

It seems obvious that entry mats go at the entrance of your home or business, but there’s a little more to it than that. Place entry mats at the main entrance and any side entries that are commonly used. If your home has a back door where your pets go in and out frequently, putting a good mat down is essential. The more entrances that have mats, the less risk there will be of your flooring getting damaged.

Contact Mats That Matter today to discuss your entry mat needs and start protecting your floors before winter weather causes costly damages. From one small mat for your home to an entire set for your commercial location, we’ve got you (and your floors!) covered. 

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