Tips on Designing a Custom Logo Floor Mats

Summit Logo on Red Floor Mat Next to Stairs

Tips on Designing a Custom Logo Floor Mats

Custom logo floor mats are personalized floor mats featuring your business’s logo. They are a great way to showcase your brand identity and add a unique flair to your space. Designing custom logo floor mats should not be overly complex, but ensuring that the material, size, shape, color, and design are perfect can be overwhelming.

Read this blog for useful tips to accentuate your office space with aesthetic custom logo floor mats.

Goals to Keep in Mind

  1. Visibility

Other than placement, make sure that the images on your floor mats are large, clear, and clean so they are easily noticeable.

  • Convey the Right Message

Your custom logo floor mat design should reflect a message consistent with your company or brand. Ensure that the elements you incorporate align with your desired brand image.

  • Visual Appeal

Use combinations and contrasts of colors, fonts, images, and high-quality prints to create a visual masterpiece.

5 Tips for Designing the Perfect Logo Mat

Maintain Consistency

Remember that you should not let your branding efforts go in vain. For this, you would need to use the same logo, color palette, and design elements that align with your brand image. Your logo mat should complement your overall brand identity.

Avoid Busyness

Make sure that you create a design that is minimalistic but not monotonous to create a visual impact. You don’t want viewers to shift their focus to something else because of a busy design. For this, you could choose one key image, be it a welcome message, brand name, or logo. Any other surrounding elements should just accentuate the main design.

Determine the Orientation

Keep in mind that mats placed in wide entryways typically work well if kept in a horizontal orientation, while hallways usually benefit from a vertical orientation. Depending on your design and where you plan to place the mat, you can choose between vertical (portrait) or horizontal (landscape) orientation.

Use Contrasting Colors

You should refer to the color chart to create a color palette that catches your attention. Select a complementary color scheme to make your logo mats visually striking. Colors from the same family can blend, while sharp colors can create a cluttered appearance on the mat.

Quality is Priority

What makes a custom logo floor mat stand out is not a good design alone but its quality too. Choose a reputable logo mat designer to ensure high-quality mats with impeccable printing, ensuring the best outcome for your design.

Looking to Invest in a Custom Mat?

In conclusion, when designing a custom logo floor mat, it’s important to keep in mind your brand’s identity, choose the right materials, incorporate eye-catching designs, and the right dimensions. By following these tips, you can create mats that enhance your brand’s identity and create a welcoming environment in your office space. Invest in a mat that speaks for your brand’s uniqueness and adds professionalism to your space. Thinking of designing a custom mat for your business but don’t know where to start? Let’s get in touch and do that for you!

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