Why You Should Invest in Custom Entrance Mats for Your Business

Red Entrance Mat

Why You Should Invest in Custom Entrance Mats for Your Business

There are a lot of things to consider when you’re choosing the pieces that will go inside and outside of your business. Does it match the aesthetic of your brand? Will it bring customers in or push them away? Is it within your budget?

Entrance mats may not be at the top of your mind when you’re making these important decisions, but they should be! An entrance mat is one of the first things your customer sees when interacting with your business. Instead of using a generic mat that’s easily overlooked, consider the benefits of custom entrance mats for your business!

Market Your Business

Use your entrance mats as another place to market your business! Add your company logo, the name of the business, or a slogan. Customers will instantly recognize that the mat is custom made for your business. Paying close attention to detail with something like your entrance mats just reinforces the fact that you take pride in every part of the business, no matter how small.

Send a Message

Your entrance mats are one of the first things customers see. Take this as an opportunity to make a good first impression! Welcoming customers with a custom mat that’s relevant to your business will stand out as something unique that isn’t found at most businesses. Even if this seems small, it will leave a big impact in the mind of your customers.

When they think back to the first impression of each business, yours will stand out!

Get the Perfect Fit

Traditional entrance mats come in different sizes, but they aren’t custom. You’ll likely still find yourself wishing the fit was a little better. Ordering custom mats is the only way to guarantee the mat will fit perfectly into the designated space. This provides a crisp, clean appearance and reduces the risk of tripping on the edge of the mat.

Custom-fit mats are especially helpful if you want to stray away from a traditional rectangular shape. Consider a semi-circle with a rounded edge and other less-common mat shapes that can be made to fit your space!

Show Some Personality

An entrance mat is a blank slate for you to put your personality on display! Instead of having a neutral color rug that’s forgettable, add in some colors or prints to match the personality of your business and the team that works there. You can make it fun or keep it professional, but it definitely won’t be boring!

If you’re interested in learning more about custom entrance mats for your business, contact Mats That Matter today! We can discuss price estimates, get custom measurements, and walk you through every step of designing your custom entrance mats. If you want one mat or many, we’re happy to help!

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