Upgrade Your School’s Floor Mats This Summer

Upgrade Your School’s Floor Mats This Summer

Summer is just around the corner which means school is about out and that sunny day is ahead. Schools will soon be empty no longer filled with the daily foot traffic of students and teachers alike. With summer vacation approaching this is the perfect time for schools to start investing in new materials and consider remodeling. One of the things that should be given uttermost attention is your floor mats! Consider investing in new floor mats for the upcoming school year. At Mats that Matter our team of experts is prepared to help you select high-quality floor mats made to last! Keep reading to learn more about some of the mats we suggest purchasing for your school. 

Entrance Mats 

First things first let’s cover the entrance. The entrance is the focal point of your school and is the very first thing new students, families, administrators, and teachers see upon entering your school. Make a good first impression by having a floor mat that does the talking. Older worn down mats can look dirty due to the accumulation of dirt and make the wrong impression on newcomers to the school. For the school entrance mats, we suggest investing in our Fortress Protection mats. These mats have high-quality dirt blocking performance and will be able to withstand the daily foot traffic from students and teachers alike. These mats will stop dirt at the door keeping the halls of your school clean. 

Gym Mats 

Gym mats probably get the most attention on a weekly basis due to PE classes and sports practice. It is important to keep an eye on gym mats as they are likely to experience the most wear and tear. If gym mats are worn down they are potentially a safety risk to students. Student safety should always be the first priority which is why it is a good idea to invest in some new gym mats this summer. 


During the wintertime, it could be a good idea to invest in some runner mats. These mats don’t need to be in the halls every single day but on days with snow or rain, it could be a good idea to have these mats in the halls to help prevent slips and falls during transitions from class to class. Without runner mats in the halls, they are more likely to be wet and muddy from people coming in and out of the building on damp days. 

Mats From Mats That Matter 

Mats That Matter is prepared to help your school with all of your floor mat needs. We have a wide selection of mats to choose from and will help you every step of the way. Investing in your floor mats this summer is a great way to set your next school year up for success! Contact us today with any questions or concerns. We look forward to helping you upgrade your school this summer!

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