Everything You Need To Know About Mats In The Gym

mats at the gym

Everything You Need To Know About Mats In The Gym

When one goes to the gym they probably do not think about floor mats. If anything gym-goers alike is more concerned with if their gym offers yoga mats than they are about the floor mats. Believe it or not, floor mats are more important than you might think. They are responsible for holding equipment in place, keeping floors clean, employee safety, and more. Mats That Matter has the mats your gym needs to be successful! Keep on reading to learn about the types of mats your gyms should have and where they should be located inside for maximum optimization. 

Anti-fatigue mats 

Anti-fatigue mats provide extra cushion for employees standing on their feet all day. We don’t call them “anti-fatigue” for nothing. At Mats That Matter our anti-fatigue mats are made out of durable closed-cell nitrile foam rubber that is resistant to grease, oil, and chemicals, with the added reinforcement of bevel edges for a smoother floor-to-mat transition. The textured surface of these mats offers slip and fall protection as well for gym workers and goes. These mats are a lot more comfortable for employees standing on the job. 

Branded Mats 

Branded mats are a fantastic way to add to the overall aesthetic of your gym! Branded mats don’t have to be limited to just logos! Feel free to design mats with motivational phrases or slogans that will help motivate gym-goers alike. Our team of experts at Mats That Matter is prepared to help you design the custom mats of your dreams. Our custom mats can display your gym logo or slogan in bright colors on high-quality long-lasting mats that feature slip-resistant backing and our StainStopper technology! 


Placement is key when it comes to mats at the gym. For branded mats, we suggest placing them at all entrances and exits to the gym to help create a welcoming atmosphere for gym-goers. These mats will also serve as the first line of defense for days when the weather isn’t the greatest. Custom mats with motivational phrases would be perfect for locker room’s to help get gym-goers in the right mindset.  Anti-fatigue mats would be the best places in a few different locations throughout the gym. The first is behind the front desk, this is an ideal location for employees working the desk. Another great location would be areas where fitness instructors are on their feet teaching classes. Finding the ideal location for your mats can be tricky but at Mats That Matter we are here to help every step of the way. 

Mats That Matter Mat Services 

Mats That Matter is thrilled to offer our services to the gyms of the East Coast. Check out all the mats we offer and give us a call to get a free quote! We look forward to assisting you to pick out the correct rugs for your gym. 

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