Is Your Business Prepared For Spring Showers?

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Is Your Business Prepared For Spring Showers?

Now that Spring has officially begun it is important to make sure that your business is prepared for the upcoming April showers coming in the month ahead. Don’t underestimate how dangerous wet floors in the workplace can be. Wet floors put not only your customers but also your workers at risk! 30% of worker injuries are slip-related and can result in up to 11 days of time off for workers injured in falls. Prepare for the upcoming rain season and keep your customers and staff safe this Spring by investing in quality floor mats from Mats That Matter. Take a look at some of the floor mats we suggest purchasing this Spring below. 

Fortress Protection System 

Our Fortress Protection System mats are amazing for blocking the spread of dirt and mud! These high-performance mats work hard to protect your workplace from moisture and dirt. These mats are a great choice for any office looking to keep their floors as clean as possible this Spring. 

Plush Mats 

Keep your office safe and floors dry with Mats That Matter plush mats! Our mats weigh 50% more than our competitors allowing them to contain up to 50% more moisture and dirt. Your offices are sure to be protected from the weather this season with our plush mats. Our mats are backed with 90 mil rubber backing allowing you to launder them as needed. An added bonus of convenience for business owners! 

Anti-Fatigue Mats 

Your office will be secure with Mats That Matter anti-fatigue mats. These durable mats are made of closed-cell nitrile foam rubber making them resistant to water and grease. Comfortable to walk on these mats are equipped with bevel edges making an easier transition from floor to mat. The textured surface of the mat is fantastic for preventing slips and falls! Invest in them for your workplace this Spring. 

Interior Mats 

If your business has long hallways you would benefit from purchasing Mats That Matter, Interior Mats! These mats are often used as runners and add to the aesthetics of your business. We often see our interior mats used in banks, restaurants, hotels, and banks. What do all these places have in common? They are all places with a lot of foot traffic! Meaning it is even more important to minimize the risks of slips and falls. Interior mats are the right line of defense for your business this Spring. 

Get Your Business Prepared For Spring With Mats That Matter 

Set your business up for success this Spring and invest in a form of defense against the upcoming April showers. Contact us to learn more about the mats we offer or give us a call at 800-221-2725 and we would be happy to assist you. 

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