Signs Its Time To Replace Your Floor Mats

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Signs Its Time To Replace Your Floor Mats

The life of a business owner is very hectic, there are a lot of things to manage every day to ensure the business is running smoothly! With that being said it is understandable for some things to fall through the cracks and become less of a priority. Don’t let that be true for your floor mats! It is crucial to be able to tell the signs of when it is time to replace your floor mats. Many business owners fail to recognize the signs before it is too late which is why we are taking the time to break down the things you should look out for when it comes to your floor mats. At Mats that Matter we are equipped to help you replace your floor mats when the time comes. 

1. No Traction  

A tell-tale sign that your floor mats are in need of replacing is if there is no traction when they are stepped on! Traction helps minimize slips and falls if your mats are lacking traction it is a safety hazard for works and customers. If you notice that your mats are lacking texture and are looking a bit worn down it is time to contact a floor mat expert to help you find the best replacement for your business! 

2. Fading 

Branded rugs are often the first thing customers see upon walking in and first impressions are everything. Don’t let your customers get the wrong impression of your business! Over time it is normal for rugs to start to fade as a result of sun damage and constant foot traffic! If you notice your rugs starting to fade in color or maybe your brand logo is starting to fade it is definitely a sign you are due for a replacement. Let Mats That Matter bring new life to your front door with new mats! 

3. Dirty Floors 

Floor mats are supposed to keep your floors clean and prevent them from being coated in dirt, dust, mud, and water particles. If you start to notice that your floors are looking less and less clean it might be easy to blame it on heavy foot traffic, but it’s time to take a good look at your floor mats! Your floor mats are supposed to be your business’s first line of defense against dirt and if they are failing to do their job it could cause floor damage and accidents that will be costly to your business. 

Replace Your Floor Mats With Mats That Matter 

Now that you are better able to identify the signs that your mats are in need of replacing let us help you! Our team of flooring experts here at Mats That Matter is here to help with all your floor mat needs! Contact us today to see how we can help your business replace your floor mats. 

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