The Difference

A store-bought mat isn’t the answer. This is.

A series of high-performance mats work together to trap dirt and moisture.
The FORTRESS® system works non-stop to keep dirt from tracking through.
We replace the mats on a regular basis and take the dirt with us.
Our mats are commercially cleaned to always look and perform their best.

At Mats That Matter®, we combine customized service, the highest-quality mats and a Clean Mat Exchange to ensure that your floor mats always look and perform their best. Store-bought mats quickly fill, allowing dirt, water and grit to spread onto floors. Commercial-grade mats provide the protection you need, but to remain attractive and effective, they require heavy and repeated soaping, high pressure hosing and machine drying, which most businesses are not equipped to do.


Our consultants will help you determine the best series of mats to keep your building cleaner and safer, along with a rotation a schedule for delivering commercially laundered mats that look and work like new. Unlike many other mat rental services, Mats That Matter offers a flexible program that allows customers to vary the type and quantity of mats, along with the exchange schedule, as needed. Adjust your service based on weather patterns, traffic volume, changes to decor or seasonal fluctuations. You are always in control.