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Clean mats leave an immediate and frequently lasting impact on everybody who enters your doors, including staff members, clients, suppliers, or business partners. People are impacted by poorly maintained facilities in subtle but significant ways. Let us give everyone who comes and leaves your institution a very pleasant physical impression of it.

No other firm can provide your business with the diversity, adaptability, and convenience that our turn-key commercial floor mat service can. To assist you in addressing any cleaning or safety issues you may be having, we would love to learn more about your company.

What we offer in Alexandria, Virginia

Enhanced safety and performance

Research shows that 80% of all dirt, grime, and moisture comes in through your entryways, making properly maintained entrance mats your first line of defense against contaminants. Our high-performance mats trap and remove up to 50% more soil, and moisture than direct-purchase mats, and the durable skid-resistant backing enhances safety and performance.

High-performance Mats

Our professional mat exchange service offers you a select variety of high-performance mats that are engineered to be high-traction, slip-resistant, and impervious to oil and grease. 

To keep your building safer, cleaner, and more appealing while maintaining a professional appearance, we deliver these expertly cleaned mats regularly:

Deep cleansing and regular exchange

Normal vacuuming can only capture about 10% of the dirt trapped within a mat, but the Mats That Matter® program will ensure that your mats are regularly deep-cleaned and exchanged, keeping your floors clean, dry, and safe.

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Although there are many different kinds of industrial mats, the vast majority of them have the same characteristics and provide comparable advantages. To choose the industrial floor mat you require with ease, get in touch with Mats That Matter.