A Consistent Clean


Say goodbye to worn looking mats that barely trap dirt! Your Mats That Matter® consultant develops a mat rotation schedule customized to match the demands of your business, so that customers and employees are always greeted by freshly laundered mats that look–and work–like new.


Our industrial machine action digs deep, extracting trapped dirt and grit that a vacuum could never reach. Mats stay attractive and effective, keeping dirt and grime outside where it belongs. Stopping dirt at the door results in lower facility maintenance costs, increases the lifespan of flooring, protects against slip and falls and results in an overall cleaner appearance. The Mats That Matter floor mat exchange service is like having a 24/7 janitor keeping dirt at bay 365 days a year, all at a fraction of the cost.


  • 24 pounds of dirt can be tracked in by just 1,000 people over a 20-day period
  • 1 pound of dirt can cost over $600 to remove from a building
  • 80% of dirt & dust in buildings is tracked in from outside
  • 90% of computer failures are caused by dirt & dust
  •  39% of custodial time is devoted to floor care
  • 10% amount of dirt vacuuming removes from mats
To stay effective, floor mats need effective truly deep cleaning. This requires the strongest mechanical action of industrial-size washers to dig down and truly deep-clean the mats.