Get Your Hotel into Shape This Summer With Mats that Matter

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Get Your Hotel into Shape This Summer With Mats that Matter

Vacation season is upon us! With everyone soon to be on summer holiday getaways, it is important to make sure your hotel is prepared for the upcoming influx of guests you’ll be seeing this summer! While there is usually careful consideration of the condition of furniture, decor, and hotel amenity centers there is often less attention given to floor mats. The state of floor mats unfortunately is often overlooked until it is too late and they cause accidents or the spread of dirt throughout the establishment. Get ahead of the upcoming summer foot traffic and assess the conditions of your hotel floor mat systems. At Mats, That Matter our team of experts is prepared to help you every step of the way. Keep reading to learn about some of our top picks for your hotel this summer. 

Anti-fatigue mats 

Hotels are all about making sure your guests have a nice stay and your hotel staff is key to making this happen. Give back to the people who make your hotel’s success possible by investing in anti-fatigue mats behind the front desk and any other locations in the hotel where workers will be standing on their feet for long hours. Your workers will thank you for making this choice. These mats are made up of durable, closed-cell nitrile foam rubber that resists grease, oil, and chemicals, with bevel edges for easier floor to mat transition. The textured surface offers superior slip and skid resistance, while anti-microbial treatment reduces odors by inhibiting the growth of bacteria. These mats must be replaced every few years so they perform optimally 

Plush Mats 

Plush mats are perfect for entryways and will give hotel guests a good first impression as they step foot into your hotel. Mats That Matter plush indoor mats weigh 50% more than competitive products, trapping dust and 50% more moisture. Solution-dyed, 36 oz. per square yard, for rich, lasting color. The tough 90 mil rubber backing of these mats is fully launderable so they will be able to withstand many seasons. 

Commercial Kitchen Mats 

Investing in your hotel’s commercial kitchen mats is another way that you can give back to your staff and show them how much their hard work is valued. After all, they help bring the guest experience to life! No one wants accidents in the kitchen as there are so many dangerous materials and liquids that could really harm employees if they were to fall. Mats That Matter Commerical Kitchen Mats prevent slip and falls with 100% nitrile rubber for superior grease and oil resistance. Anti-microbial agent guards against degradation from microorganisms, protecting against the build-up of kitchen odors. Anti-static properties also allow for use around sensitive electronic equipment. Invest in our commercial kitchen mats today for your hotel kitchen! 

Mats With Mats That Matter  

At Mats That Matter we pride ourselves on our high-quality mats and expert customer service! Contact us today to get help with picking out new and improved floor mats for your hotel before the summer holiday rush!

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